Investments & Products

Investment Management 

  • Strong research capabilities
  • Invest in lucrative assets – deals from R50m upwards
  • Ideally looking for cash deals, vendor financing, funded through preference shares
  • Involvement in the day-to-day running of the operating businesses
  • Invest to grow the asset base
  • Long-term outlook

Investment Fund

  • Support the black-owned businesses to get into the mainstream economy and job creation
  • Equity upside through convertible debt option
  • Help the companies to grow
  • Provide funding mainly to SMME’s – businesses with the turnover of R10m to R50m per annum with strong growth potential


  • Manufacturing
  • Agro-Processing
  • Real Estate / Housing
  • Financial Services
  • Business Services
  • Information Technology
  • Mining/ Mineral Resources.


  • Purchase Order Funding
  • Growth Funding
  • Bridge Funding
  • Term Loans
  • Revolving Credit Facilities