Who We Are

Company Background

Differentia Investment Management is an investment management whose mandate is to take on equity positions in different companies. It’s a 100% black-owned and 33% female-owned investment company. With the experience and skilled management team, we take a long-term view in all our investments and we invest for growth.   We also share a view to help bring the SMME’s into the mainstream business economy. We supports new and existing Black Owned businesses as these businesses are key in job creation and contribute significantly to the country’s GDP. Who we are is significantly embedded on what we do for the market and our people.

Investment Approach

Our investment approach is to invest in businesses that have a potential for future growth. We look at well run businesses primarily with stable management team. We provide the strategic business support to ensure the future sustainability of the businesses we are invested in. Provide the necessary investment support in order to achieve the desired growth

fast Facts

  • Strategic black-owned and managed investment management company
  • 100% black-owned and 33% black-women owned: B-BBEE Level 1
  • Targeted investments mainly in mandated sectors
  • Actively involved in the daily operations of the operating companies
  • Long-term outlook
  • Provide creative funding solutions mainly to black-owned businesses and SMME’s
  • Funding solutions in order to fast-track job creation and economic participation